Finding A Balance

Last year I was asked by the Wasatch Front Counselor Fair committee to come and present on staying balanced in a sedentary world. They must have liked it because they asked me to come back this year.

As many of you already know, I am very passionate about personal fitness and health. I also spend a lot of time working at the desk to manage and design websites. This type of lifestyle becomes taxing on the body, and without physical activity I would go crazy! That is why I love cycling so much and other fitness activities like yoga, pilates, running (not so much anymore due to knee stuff), etc.

I believe that in order to take care of our responsibilities, be it work, family, or other pursuits, we must take care of ourselves first. Why else do the airlines instruct putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping your child?

Fit people are more fit to help others. Happy people want to serve others. And when we take care of our personal needs we are more capable of building those around us.

So in my “Finding A Balance” presentation I cover the following:

  • Why it’s important to focus on “you”
  • Work life & related problems
  • Solutions to stay fit in a sedentary environment


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