Boosting With Beet Juice

Alright, it’s true, beet juice is the latest buzz among endurance athletes. But is it just another nutrition fad, or is there some legitimate basis for using beet juice to enhance aerobic performance?

I am not an expert on this by any means, but here are some great resources on beet juice from experts in that arena.

Video Resources from

I have been experimenting with using beet juice in my training, but based on the studies I have read my dosage has been way too low. I was simply adding 1 tsp of freeze-dried beetroot powder to a sports drink, but according to most studies they recommend 500ml which is roughly 4-6 scoops in 8-12 oz. water.

Sounds like a lot, well it is! And honestly I was scared to throw down straight beet juice at that concentrated level. But you know what, it actually tastes pretty good. 

Here is a good site with a couple simple recipes for beet juice and they also have a smoothie recipe. I haven’t tried the smoothie recipe, but the juice is good. 

Beet Juice Recipes

As far as getting freeze dried beetroot powder, I have been going to Good Earth, but I imagine Whole Foods or other such stores would have it as well. I am going to look into ordering bulk beetroot powder online, when I find a good source I’ll let you know.

Additional Reading Material:

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